The brightest future for Ruta Sechaba’s top 10

We are always delighted when our Ruta Sechaba scholars achieve great results. In the 2022 matric exams, the top ten scholars earned 59 distinctions between them. With an average mark of 85%, these learners were the superstars of the Ruta Sechaba programme last year. Like many of our scholars, these bright young minds have worked hard to make the most of the opportunities in their hands. Their achievements demonstrate just how having access to quality education, and a supportive academic environment can change the trajectory of young lives.

The top 10, comprising seven female and three male learners, come from areas where schools are not necessarily associated with academic achievement. As one learner, Unathi Sibande, who matriculated from Curro Academy in Soshanguve, said: “The Ruta Sechaba scholarship meant more to me than just obtaining financial assistance, it also meant that I was viewed as having potential to do great things. That motivated me a lot because it drove me to become the best version of myself.”

Unathi dreams of studying medicine one day, and hopes to run her own medical practice. In the spirit of giving back, she also dreams of opening up her own non-profit organisation so she can raise others in the same way Ruta Sechaba has helped her rise. She continues: “The fact that there was a group of individuals out there who believed in me and my vision really meant a lot to me. I will eternally be grateful to Ruta Sechaba because they have helped me pursue my education without having to worry about the exorbitant school fees.”

Her top-achieving peers also have big ambitions to succeed. They are the actuaries, computer engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, civil engineers, aerospace engineers, accountants and psychologists of South Africa’s future—all thanks to their hard work and determination, and also the support from their sponsors, Reatile and PSG.

The top 10 celebrated here were among over 500 learners who benefited from the Ruta Sechaba scholarships in 2022, spread through more than 60 schools across the country. More than 100 of those passed Grade 12, and among those, 90% achieved Bachelor’s passes, giving them access to universities across the country. Their achievements represent the core purpose of the Ruta Sechaba Foundation, to foster talent beyond economic limitations to build a bright future for tomorrow’s leaders.

We wish every one of them well on their onward journey into their futures.

1 January 2023
Ruta Sechaba Team